Well everyone knows what time of year it is again. It is that wonderful season of idiots trying to sing, and this year it is starting off more pathetic than ever. I will admit that I never watch American Idol all the way through. It really bores me once they get down to the America votes part. So this year I sit back and laugh at these people, if for no other reason than to say to them… “What the Hell are you thinking?” They cannot, as reasonable people think that they come close to the type of person that the judges are looking for. Simon Cowell will always say he want’s something “New” and “Fresh” but that is a load of BS. He wants the same pop star every year, cookie cutter, marketing material.

So these poor saps show up in the thousands to try out. Simply record yourself on a piece of junk tape recorder, listen to it back, and compare it to any past winner. I am hard pressed to think these people honestly, in their heart of hearts, believe they have a shot.

If you dont have the sterotypical “Hollywood” look, sure you may need makeup, but still have the base… why do you do this. Some for the attention sure, the William Hung wannabes maybe? But alot of these people must be that bad off that they want to believe they are something they are not. And everyone of them has some really sad person pushing this friend or family member into the whole mess.

Either way, it is hiliarious, I guess no matter how bad I feel for them, we will all still laugh at them over and over. If they keep going to the try-outs, we will keep watching them, once it gets narrowed down to the best ones they find in a season, it stops being entertaining and starts to be about selling the records and putting someone on the charts. That, to me, is the most boring part.

Ok, so first we take wannabe singers and parade them in front of an audience (Idol), then we see if amatuers can dance… (So You Think You Can Dance) and now, just to make sure we cover the bases, can you “Act”… (Since we know newbies can direct their own movies as seen in “Project Greenlight“).

Welcome to “Grease : Your the One That I Want“… First sing for us, then dance, and soon you can try acting, all to win the role that will make your career in the $10 million dollar revival of Grease (The Play Version).

So I have watched the first couple episodes (of course introducing the British Judge), and just in case we dont have enough people using English accents, lets just fill it up with a female British co-host. (And “Seacrest Out”, but not quite there). The show itself is very Idol like (NBC has a set that looks very FOX like). Lets interview alot of poor saps stuck outside in line and all that, then come in, be belittled and tossed out. There is a certain look for Danny, and most of these guys should have hit a mirror before hitting the stage. The girls fit a bit better and had the talent on their side.

I don’t know where this will go, I am still up in the air, the one thing about Idol is that once they really weed out the crap, it is very boring for me (I am not into the teen pop and that is the target)… so if they keep it interesting, dancing, singing, and acting (which i do want to see some of these amatuers “act”), I may stay hooked and watch the season.

It may be a good one-off, I am not seeing Season 2 at this point… maybe they can surprise me.