Welcome. This is the first time I have ever posted to a blog, been to lots of messageboards and newsgroups (i am a computer programmer), but never thought about just blurting out whatever pops in my head.

So. If you are reading this, then you found me somehow. And if the title of my blog is not clear, I am going to tell you what i think of stuff that clogs up my brain… literally dozens of hours of movies and television a week !!!

I am not planning on being a nitpicker, or crazy critic, i am passionate about some shows, and could care less about others. With my 8-DVDs-at-a-time Netflix, I constantly cycle current and past television series and movies.

You may see some flare for the 80s. I love em, movies, music, all of it. I am not really into the classics and I cant really comment on much early than 1975, maybe some old Sci-Fi, but even that’s spotty.

Well, I am just getting up and running, so let me get some stuff worked out, sit in my recliner, and start to fry my brain for your pleasure… once i get rolling, posting should be pretty regular.

Thanks for stopping by!