I just finished HBO’s `Big Love` Season 1 last night !!! Netflix sent me over the last two discs for Season 1, 2 episodes each… So i was gonna just watch one, wrap some presents for the kids and then hit the DVR !

Didn’t Happen. I got rehooked, it has been a few weeks since I had watched previous episodes (I mix up multiple series discs in my queue, so i never know what shows are coming next).  Well after one episode wrapped i couldnt stop, had to finish the season up

(… 4 hours later …)

Man… HBO did good yet again, I dropped my premium stations about 2 years ago. (no time for the movies, they are already old since i rent everything release day) HBO series programming is pretty solid. I followed OZ every week and thought the writing, character development, and premise were unique and a perfect fit (outside the box of the re-churned network blah).

So back to ‘Big Love’, if any of you havent seen it or dont have a clue about what I am talking about. Bill Paxton plays a hard working owner of two (Home Depot like) hardware stores outside Salt Lake City Utah. And of course the premise “he has to hide that he and his family are polygamous”.  With his three wives and seven kids they live in three houses next door to each other in the suburbs. The show started like most shows, primary characters and lots of introductions to the backstory. But each episode dug me in deeper, they open just enough new questions and answer the right amount of previous asked ones.

After the last episode, they really set us up for a ‘What’s Next’. I havent blogged long enough to start letting out the secrets of the shows i watch, but that ending is a story changing event and cant stand the pause between seasons. Today i begin my hunt into the blogs and newsgroups to find the dirt on season 2…

Anyone interested in a good drama, well carved characters, and a storyline that continues to move along. Check it out. Comment back if you have the same/different outtake on `Big Love`.