Well I guess it was bound to happen, Ryan turned good, Seth got the girl, they killed off the story building trouble-maker Marissa and Summer went from Rodeo Drive to Hippie in minutes.

That ends “The OC“… officially getting their end-of-life notice our pals in Cali are moving out of their Prime Thursday slot on FOX. At least they promised they would wrap up the story lines… which I consider wrapped up after Marissa kicked the bucket anyway.

But to it’s credit… the previous season’s were great, and even this year, after getting past the dark death days of Marissa mourning and Ryan’s underground cage fighting (dont ask if you dont know what I am talking about)… this season was shaping up.

Taylor (Autumn Reeser) was really developing into the show. Seth and Summer turned to boring crap, and Marissa’s little Sis didnt add a thing. So I say good-bye with a heavy heart but I knew it was coming and I think anyone watching the earlier seasons agreed, even though we didn’t want to.

I do give the staff credit though… starting a teen drama in their junior year of high school was a tough one… the question is simply : Can you transition them into College years? We saw Beverly Hills 90210 and Dawson’s Creek pull it off pretty good… The OC, sorry you guys flunked out of “Teen to Adult Television Transisitions 101”.

Well, Mischa Barton may have made the best choice getting off the sinking ship, but would it have really sunk if the person who had their finger in the hole not just “let go” and walked away ?

Best of luck to the cast, I hope they all land B-movies and end up hosting a ridculous game show in 10 years.