The job market can’t be doing that bad, since it is time for another installment of “The Apprentice” on NBC. For those that don’t know what “The Apprentice” is, it is a contest (job interview) process that causes alot of Type A personalities to be forced to work together doing small versions of larger business tasks. All of this is done for the chance to be the sole apprentice winner and work for the Trump Organization for at least one year.

Donald TrumpEach week the Donald uses his catch line “You’re Fired!”, sending one more of the applicants home.

Here we are at season 6. This year the show has moved to Los Angeles (it has always been set in NY). One of the coolest things that they have added is “Tent City”. This backyard nightmare is basically a beat-up campground for the losers each week, instead of staying inside the mansion with the winning team. I think it adds a real motivation factor to the need for success, the losers really lose out.

Another thing that has been added is that the winning project manager for the week gets to sit in when Trump fires a member of the losing team, this is a new twist and really helps expose the vulnerabilities of the losing team.

The change this season that is not that thrilling is the fact that a winning teams project manager stays the PM until they lose, this means that as one team keeps winning, those on the team are penalized as they never get a chance to shine, the same person just keeps winning (and that has to look good in Trump’s eyes). I think it was more fair in previous seasons to give the project manager “Immunity” the following week instead of this unlimited PM role. We like to see different people lead the teams and sometimes fall on their faces.

Oh yea, the other big change… no more Caroline (Caroline Kepcher), she was the one getting “Fired” this year. I think the whole thing was just a big story to bring his kids on the show. Now we get to see the seasoned advice (sense the sarcasim) of his daughter, Ivanka Trump, and his son Don Jr. They sit by daddy’s side passing judgement on these poor people who are usually trying their hardest and being destroyed by losing the challenges by about 50 bucks. I honestly felt like a more sincere choice was being made when George and Caroline were the one’s giving Donald Trump the advice. Don’t you agree? Even though they didn’t have as good of a “Ratings Look” as his son and daughter.

So as we just get started with Season 6, we have already lost the quirky one, the flamboyent one, and the quitter… and that was just the first three (3) episodes. Let’s see what happens the rest of this season, so far it is starting off as one of my favorite season’s since the first (Again, this is another show I have seen every episode, every season)