Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Psychic? Just to know what happened, even when no one else has a clue. Well, for Shawn Spencer (played by James Roday), the USA Network wanted to know just that. We are now in our second season of the hilarious detectr-omedy (cross between detective show and comedy, like “Monk“).James Roday This show is a light hearted approach at a young guy who can’t keep a job until he realizes his amazing (but totally not supernatural) power of observation tricks people into thinking he is Psychic. The premise is simple, crime committed, cops stumped (a bit too easily), and the need for someone “special” to help.

Roday is a great comedic actor and his sharp wit and quick delivery lay waste to his poor partner and best friend Dule Hill - GusGus (a very geek-shiek Dule Hill… aka Charlie Young from “The West Wing“) . The rest of the cast rounds out with two pretty pathetic (as far as compentency goes, not acting… well maybe a bit of that too, these police detectives are a bit unbelievable) cops Carlton Lassiter and Juliet O’Hara (played by Tim Omundson & Maggie Lawson) and Shawn’s retired cop father Henry (an excellent Corbin Bernsen).

On to the TubeTalker review… As another one of the zillion shows I have seen every single episode of, I can say I still look forward to the late night friday show on USA. The stories pick up very quickly, the week to week sub-stories are easily visible to the casual watcher… basically cop ( Lassiter / Omundsun ) hates Shawn for doing what he does, his partner ( O’Hara / Lawson ) kinda helps out the pair, and Gus ( Hill ) gets crapped on, beat up, thrown under the bus, and humiliated in alot of ways. Gus is always there to give Shawn the “facts”, he is the book smart one, Shawn is the kind of guy who floated through life, basically after living under the iron rule of his demanding and unforgiving father ( Henry / Corbin ).

That’s really about it… tune in and check out an episode, if you don’t like it, comment back to me… don’t go looking for a new “CSI” or “Law & Order”, but if you follow “Monk” and want to stay on an extra hour… take a peek… let me know if the quirky fun of solving strange (but usually pretty simple) cases makes you believe there is something to the “Psych” in Psychic.